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Leotard Adi
The Adi Style is our signature leotard. This is Adiarys’s first design. She loves long sleeve leotar..
Leotard Ashley
The Ashley Style is a favorite. This leotard has a combination of four different fabrics. The lace o..
Leotard Dalay
The Dalay is the fun style of the collection. It gives the idea of a two piece bodysuit. The whole w..
Leotard Giselle
The Giselle model is an unmistakable classic. Featuring a butterfly style mesh alongside the balleri..
Leotard Lorna
Adi’s line brings a very special model with Lorna’s. This leotard offers a combination of vintage co..
Leotard Misa
The Misa Leotard is sensual design at its best. While stretching a line of fabric from the tip of th..
Leotard Yoko
The Yoko style is an undulating line. Taking after English National Ballet’s Yoko Callegari, it is r..
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