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Leotard Adi
The Adi style is our signature leotard since it is Adiarys’ very first design. She designed this leo..
Leotard Adi - 50% discount!
BEFORE $72 - NOW $36! The Adi Style is our signature leotard. This is Adiarys’s first design. S..
Leotard Ashley
The Ashley style is a fan favorite. This leotard is a combination of mesh and lycra. The body of the..
Leotard Ashley - 50% discount!
BEFORE $68 - NOW $34! The Ashley Style is a favorite. This leotard has a combination of four di..
Leotard Chanti
The Chanti style is inspired by our model that carries the same name. It is a simple yet attractive ..
Leotard Dalay
The Dalay leotard is one of our more interest styles of the collection. It gives the illusion of a t..
Leotard Dalay - 50% discount!
BEFORE $62 - NOW$31! The Dalay is the fun style of the collection. It gives the idea of a two p..
Leotard Giselle
The Giselle style is a mixture of classic and contemporary. It features a unique butterfly style mes..
Leotard Giselle - 50% discount!!
BEFORE $62 - AHORA $31! The Giselle model is an unmistakable classic. Featuring a butterfly sty..
Leotard Lorna
The Lorna style brings a very special edge to the Adi Dancewear line. This leotard offers a combinat..
Leotard Misa
The Misa Leotard is a flattering and sensual design. This leotard covers the whole front of the tors..
Leotard Yoko
The Yoko style is an undulating line. Taking after English National Ballet’s Yoko Callegari, it is r..
Leotard Yoko - 50% discount!
$62 BEFORE - $31 NOW! The Yoko style is an undulating line. Taking after English National Balle..
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