Leotard Adi
The Adi Style is our signature leotard. This is Adiarys’s first design. She loves long sleeve leotards and lots of lace. This leotard is a classic line. The high neck and long sleeves add a magic touch to the length of the arm . We cannot fail to mention the strength brought to Adi’s classic with the oval design where lacing recedes to reveal the musculature in the lumbar curve. This is without a doubt the signature leotard taking after her name and specifications. It seems to obey the dynamics of her versatility..
Leotard Ashley
The Ashley Style is a favorite. This leotard has a combination of four different fabrics. The lace over lycra adorns the bust panel,and follows a transition toward the sensual flesh tone of mesh in the back . Its name comes from Boston Ballet’s Ashley Ellis...
Leotard Chanti
Our model Chanti is a leotards with attractive simplicity. It gives a fresh look to the dancers' physical attributes. It is an unmistakable design for the young dancer. However, the opening in its back takes away from its classical look, and suggests a more contemporary look. ..
Leotard Dalay
The Dalay is the fun style of the collection. It gives the idea of a two piece bodysuit. The whole waist in full Mesh is very comfortable and gives the dancer extraordinary freedom of movement. It is the one design which horizontal lines suit the most slender ballerinas. It is named after Boston Ballet’s Dalay Parrondo...
Leotard Giselle
The Giselle model is an unmistakable classic. Featuring a butterfly style mesh alongside the ballerina’s waistline. It draws every ballet lover’s attention to the dancer’s beautiful body core where all movement is supported. Its elegance stemming from its simplicity make this one a truly unique ballet design. It takes its name after Adi Dancewear’s manager Giselle Alfonso...
Leotard Lorna
Adi’s line brings a very special model with Lorna’s. This leotard offers a combination of vintage corset look in the front that caresses the shape of the torso while becoming a totally contemporary perspective on the back with a butterfly shape. Classicism and sensuality are continuous to each other. This design is dedicated to cuban prima ballerina Lorna Feijoo...
Leotard Misa
The Misa Leotard is sensual design at its best. While stretching a line of fabric from the tip of the shoulder to the other, it reveals one other outstanding look to the neck of the dancer. Immediately after that line,our sight is taken to a discreet sensual midline of the body. Nothing can be more overwhelming than its ‘V’ line on the back during an epaulement. This is the model to wear on that day where you want to make a point in your sensuality during an adagio tempo. Its name is derived from Boston Ballet’s Misa Kuranaga...
Leotard Yoko
The Yoko style is an undulating line. Taking after English National Ballet’s Yoko Callegari, it is reminiscent of the famous piece known as “The Wave”. It is in itself a work of art that will reveal one side of your waist in a waving motion that travels from the neck down, and back to the top. It’s highlight is its very asymmetry. It seems as if one were in motion while standing still with Yoko’s model...
Skirt Ana
The Ana Skirt is our most popular one. It’s short length gives you the opportunity to show your lines making your legs look longer. It comes in three sizes featuring a lycra fabric that gives you lots of comfort. It is named after Cincinnati Ballet’s Ana Gallardo...
Skirt April
The April Style is a long skirt with lots of flow. It’s a one size skirt with an evenly rounded cut made of soft georgette fabric that allows for plenty of movement. This is the ideal skirt for rehearsals. Named after Joffrey Ballet’s ballerina April Daly...
Skirt Gema
The Gema Skirt is the traditional classical ballet skirt. A one size georgette skirt with a perfect length and a soft ribbon on the waist that you can tide up to your preference. Inspired on Cincinnati Ballet dancer Gema Diaz...
Skirt Lorena
The Lorena Style is a long skirt with loosened flow of movement. It is a one size skirt made of a soft georgette fabric with a beautiful length from shorter in front to longer in the back creating a drawing of the ballerina’s silhouette. A practical design, this skirt can be the perfect touch for rehearsals as well as performances. Named after San Francisco Ballet’s Cuban Prima Ballerina Lorena Feijoo...
Skirt Maria
The Maria Skirt is a simple style on georgette fabric and very unusual in the ballet market  as well. It gives you the idea of a beach cover up. It comes in one size and it is very practical, easy to put on. You can tide it up either to the side or in the middle. English National Ballet’s Maria Jose Sales gives this skirt its name...
Skirt Piccolina
Our Piccolina Skirt is a stellar product. It's delicate fabric, and aperture on the chest climbs diagonally to end with a beautiful optional bow where two different layers of fabric fuse. It has become very much in demand. Furthermore, it elegantly permits instructors to observe the dancers' upper musculature of the leg at work during such early stage of development as well as great comfort...
Skirt Yolanda
The Yolanda Style is beautiful. A one size georgette skirt with spectacular length from shorter in front to longer in the back creating a dynamic diagonal with a soft ribbon on the waist to tide it comfortably. Named after Norweigan National Ballet’s Yolanda Correa...
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