Our Professional leotards are made with high quality fabrics: a combination of Lycra, Lace and Mesh. Our designs are unique in their classic elegance and subtle sensuality. They all include lining to add more support to the fit as they provide more comfort to our costumers.

Leotard Adi
The Adi style is our signature leotard since it is Adiarys’ very first design. She designed this leotard because she loves wearing long sleeve leotards and mesh fabric. This leotard provides a classic line due to the high neck and long sleeves that add a magical touch to the length of the arm. We cannot fail to mention the elegance that the back of this design adds to the dancer’s body with the oval shape cutout revealing the musculature in the lumbar curve. This is, without a doubt, one of the most special leotards we have to offer. It obeys the dynamics and versatility expected in every dancer...
Leotard Ashley
The Ashley style is a fan favorite. This leotard is a combination of mesh and lycra. The body of the leotard is mainly composed of a solid color lycra, with the exception of the back which is made of similar color mesh. The bust is adorned with mesh that covers the flesh colored panel underneath. Boston Ballet’s Principle Dancer, Ashley Ellis, inspires the name for this leotard...
Leotard Chanti
The Chanti style is inspired by our model that carries the same name. It is a simple yet attractive leotard that will add some flare to your classical dance wardrobe. It is a perfect design for the young dancer who focuses is on correct body alignment, free of added distractions. The back has a mesh horizontal stripe that expands this classical looking leotard into a more contemporary aesthetic...
Leotard Dalay
The Dalay leotard is one of our more interest styles of the collection. It gives the illusion of a two-piece bodysuit do to the mesh materials that divides the top and bottom half of the leotard. It is very comfortable and versatile design and gives the dancer extraordinary freedom of movement. Boston Ballet’s soloist, Dalay Parrondo, inspires the name of this leotard...
Leotard Giselle
The Giselle style is a mixture of classic and contemporary. It features a unique butterfly style mesh alongside the ballerina’s waistline creating an hourglass figure. It draws the attention to the dancers core where all movement is initiated. Its elegance stems from its simplicity making this a truly unique leotard. It takes its name after Adi Dancewear’s manager, Giselle Alfonso...
Leotard Lorna
The Lorna style brings a very special edge to the Adi Dancewear line. This leotard offers a combination of a vintage corset look in the front and a totally contemporary perspective on the back. The front reminds us of the classical corset shape as it caresses the body, and the back provides dimension in the body because of the contrast found in the colors of the design. This leotard is perfect for that edgy ballerina who enjoys the classy style with a sexy kick. This design is dedicated to the Cuban Prima Ballerina, Lorna Feijoo...
Leotard Misa
The Misa Leotard is a flattering and sensual design. This leotard covers the whole front of the torso with fabric reaching from one shoulder to the other elongating the neck. A plunging “V” made out of mesh runs vertically down the front of the body making the torso look longer as well as exposing a part of the ballerinas body that is rarely seen. Nothing is more beautiful than how the opposing ‘V’ line on the back frames the muscles of the dancer during an épaulement line. This style is perfect for those days in which the dancer truly wants to enjoy the accentuation of her lines during a center adagio combination. Boston Ballet’s Principle Dancer, Misa Kuranaga, inspires the name for this leotard...
Leotard Yoko
The Yoko style is an undulating line. Taking after English National Ballet’s Yoko Callegari, it is reminiscent of the famous piece known as “The Wave”. It is in itself a work of art that will reveal one side of your waist in a waving motion that travels from the neck down, and back to the top. It’s highlight is its very asymmetry. It seems as if one were in motion while standing still with Yoko’s model...
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